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Championship System

1. The Championship system is part of an all Ireland Championship system where athletes progress methodically from school level, through District or Region, Province and all Ireland to International level. 


2. Each level of competition is a Championship in its own right, with medals awarded.


3. A school enters teams or individuals for its District Championships.  From there they are automatically entered by their District to compete in the Ulster Championships, according to the relevant rules of competition.  Similarly they are entered by Ulster to compete in the Irish Schools Championships.  From the Irish competitions, Championships and /or Inter Provincial, athletes are selected to compete for the Irish Schools. 


4. When an athlete is entered in two events in Track & Field by its District in the Ulster Championships or by Ulster in the Irish Championships they may withdraw from one of the events but, are encouraged to inform the District or Ulster T & F organiser so that the next athlete in line is given the opportunity to compete in their place.  It is advised that this is done at least 48 hours before the competition.   District Track & Field organisers are asked to pass on this ruling to each school along with the information about entry to the District championships.


5. In Track and Field competition, an Ulster team is then selected to compete in the Inter Provincial competition, which is held at the end of June.  In all these competitions, schools are responsible for presenting their athletes at the set venue at the set time.


6. For international competitions the first two available athletes in each event in the Schools’ Inter Provincial will be selected on the Irish team for the SIAB International. The I.S.A.A. selection committee comprising representatives of all four Provinces will oversee the selection.

The Tailteann Games Schools Inter Provincial is a competition for boys and girls under 17 years of age on 1st September in the year of competition. It is an Interprovincial competition. No Minor may compete in the Tailteann Games.

A Junior Athlete maybe considered for selection if born in July or August of that year.

Each Province may nominate THREE competitors in each event, except for track events of 400m or less, in which TWO may be entered.


7. So that this whole system can progress methodically, schools and staff are asked to co-operate as thoroughly as possible, especially in matters of safety. The organisers should make sure that all competitors and officials are aware of the rules of competition and various safety factors.  Spectators should also be briefed on safety.  It should be emphasised that athletes when not competing and judges when not officiating are spectators.

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