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Ulster Secondary Schools’ Athletics needs to compile data relating to those athletes who are involved in its competitions. Under the day-to-day activities of conducting the various schools’ championships only the athlete’s name, school and date of birth is required. The athlete’s school provides this information. The purpose for this information is to have a list of the names of those who will be competing, the events in which they are being entered, and their date of birth so that it can be verified that they are entered in the correct age group.

Those athletes who are successful in being selected for representative teams will be asked to provide additional information so that they and their parents/guardians can be sent the relevant information about the event.


Information received will only be retained by the USSAA whilst the athletes continue to be involved in Schools competitions.

The information requested shall be: -


  1. Athlete’s full name

  2. Date of birth

  3. Home address

  4. Parent’s / guardians name

  5. Parent’s home phone number

  6. Parent’s mobile phone number

  7. Parent’s email address

  8. Athlete’s mobile number

  9. Athlete’s email address

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