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Membership of the Association, by affiliation at the District AGM, shall be open to all Secondary Schools in Ulster.  A condition of membership of the Association is that each member school must undertake to play a full part in helping with the organisation of all of the activities of the association, and must take its turn in having responsibility for the organisation of those activities.

Each school must send at least one representative to that schools’ District AGM.  Two representatives may attend but the school will only have one vote. 

At the District AGM in addition to paying the annual affiliation fee each school must complete a registration Form as requested by the District.  Only those schools, which are represented at the District AGM, will receive information about the various Schools’ Championships, as requested by that school on their registration form.

Schools, which fail to attend the District AGM, may request information about the various Schools’ Championships.  Such schools must pay the affiliation in full along with the entry fees to the competition in which they wish to be involved.



The management of the Association shall be vested in the Executive which shall consist of the officers as designated below and three representatives of each district, one of whom must represent cross-country running, one track and field athletics and one girls’ athletics.  The Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association to which each district shall be entitled to send ten representatives and each school be entitled to send one observer, who will not be entitled to vote.  Officers shall be elected for one year but will be eligible for re-election.  The Executive shall have power to co-opt and to act in an emergency not provided for in the rules.  The Executive shall set up such sub-committees as are deemed necessary.



The Officers of the Association shall be: -


            President and Vice-Presidents



            Hon Secretary

            Hon Assistant Secretary

            Hon Treasurer

            Cross-Country Secretary

            Track & Field Secretary

            Multi-event Organiser

            Supplies Officer

The Executive shall have the power to appoint a Hon. Assistant Treasurer from its own membership if it deems this to be necessary.




All meetings, (Annual General Meetings, extraordinary general meetings, executive meetings), shall be convened by the Hon Secretary, and each representative and observer entitled to be present shall receive fourteen days notice of such a meeting, together with a statement of the business to be transacted.  An extraordinary general meeting may be called by the Executive or within twenty-eight days of the receipt of a written requisition for such a meeting by a district committee, this written requisition to be accompanied by a copy of the proposals to be submitted at such a meeting.  The Executive shall meet at least once annually and at other times at the discretion of the Hon Secretary or within twenty-eight days of the receipt by the Hon Secretary of a written requisition for a meeting signed by district representatives of at least ten member schools, this requisition to be accompanied by a copy of the proposals intended to be submitted at the meeting.




For the purpose of conducting the business of the Association NINE shall constitute a quorum of the Executive and FIFTEEN voting members shall constitute a quorum at a general meeting.

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