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So that this whole system can progress methodically, schools and staff are asked to co-operate as thoroughly as possible, especially in matters of safety. The organisers should make sure that all competitors and officials are aware of the rules of competition and various safety factors.  Spectators should also be briefed on safety.  It should be emphasised that athletes when not competing and judges when not officiating are spectators.




Keep off the track unless involved in a track event.

If it is necessary to cross the track make sure there is not an event in progress or about to start.

Do not congest start and finish lines.

Track athletes must avoid jumping and throwing areas when going to and coming from their events.




The landing areas must not be used as play areas.

The soft landing areas at the High Jump and Pole Vault attract a number of would be divers and gymnasts.

Practice jumps must be under the supervision of the judges.

Spectators must not stand behind the landing areas.

Any movement here could interfere with the concentration of the jumpers.




Safety cages are essential for Discus and Hammer events.

Throwing implements are potentially dangerous, their flight path being often unpredictable.  Athletes, while waiting for their turn, must stand behind the throwing line or circle.

After a throw the implement must be carried back.  It must not be thrown back.  Javelin should be carried vertical, point to the ground.

Practice throws must be made only from the circle or throwing line and only under the supervision of the judges of the event.

No one should at any time stand with his back to the thrower.


Organisers of meetings can make their contribution by checking that all equipment, landing areas etc., are safe and by ensuring that equipment is returned to the store immediately an event is finished.

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