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Organisation & Administration



The Association shall consist of district associations as laid down in the bye-laws of the Association.


1. Districts: The districts into which the Association is divided are:

A Co. Down (including Belfast East of the Lagan)

B South Antrim (Belfast West of the Lagan, Lisburn, Newtownabbey, Carrickfergus, Whitehead)

C The rest of Co. Antrim, Co. Londonderry, North Donegal.

D Co. Armagh, Co. Monaghan.

E Co. Cavan, Co. Fermanagh, Co. Tyrone, South Donegal.


2. Each member school of the Association shall be a member of its District. Schools can only be a member of the Association by being a member of their District and must be fully committed to the Association as detailed under Membership of the Association.

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